iSTEDY-ISP is the ultimate software as a service solution.Developed based on the knowledge and expertise of numerous organizations such as yours, iSTEDY-ISP streamlines data management processes, centralizes data, and seamlessly manages your business operations. From clients to service locations, fleets, shifts scheduling, attendance, and much more.

By leveraging iSTEDY-ISP, your organization can save valuable time and resources – allowing you to focus on your core activities and grow your business.
You’ll receive a comprehensive subscription to iSTEDY-ISP’s cutting-edge management software, which is fully supported and skillfully managed by our team of highly trained technicians.
We employ the finest industry practices to ensure that your data is always secure and available to you whenever you need it.
You can experience the power of streamlined operations and unparalleled data management with iSTEDY-ISP by requesting the private demo through which you will discover how we can help take your business to the next level!

iSTEDY-ISP Software



Revolutionize your employee scheduling process with our cutting-edge Automatic Employee Shift Assignment by SMS feature.
Our system allows you to easily input employee availability, preferred shifts, and other relevant information. From there, our advanced algorithm takes over, creating optimized schedules that ensure maximum coverage and efficiency. And the best part? Our system automatically sends shift assignments to your employees via SMS, eliminating the need for time-consuming phone calls or emails.
With our Automatic Employee Shift Assignment feature, you can rest assured that your scheduling process is in good hands. Our system is easy to use, customizable, and can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection. Plus, our dedicated support team
is always here to assist you with any questions.


Never miss a shift again with our powerful Automatic Shifts Follow-Up and Reminders feature. This feature makes it easy to keep track of your employees’ shifts, sending reminders and notifications to both employees and managers to ensure everyone is on the same page.


Ensure compliance and stay on top of training requirements with our powerful Automatic Reminder of Overdue Trainings and Expired Documents system. Our system makes it easy to keep track of employee trainings and document expiration dates, sending reminders and notifications to both employees and managers when it’s time to renew or update.
With our system, you can easily input training schedules and upload documents with an expiration dates, and receive automatic notifications when a training is overdue or a document is about to expire. Our system sends reminders to employees’ personalized mobile friendly web portal, ensuring that everyone is aware of their respective duties and stays up to date.



  • Personal Information
  • Emergency Contacts
  • Employment Records Management
  • Seniority Management
  • Home Department / Primary Services
  • Employment Services and Rates Management
  • Shift Premium Hours and Rate Management
  • Splitting Employee Hours Between Departments
  • Employee Benefits Management
  • Employee Documents Management
  • Qualification to Work with Individuals
  • Performance Reviews
  • Disciplinary Documents Management
  • HR Documents Management
  • WCB Records Management
  • Employee Inventory Management
  • Pension Plan Management
  • Manager Notes
  • Volunteer Management
  • Employee Card Printing
  • Document Renewal Reminders
  • Staff Level Dependency Management
  • Courses / Training Records
  • Custom Reports Designer
  • HR Real Time Reports / Dashboard
  • Staff Communication System (Tickets)
  • Courses / Training Schedule
  • Courses / Training Staff Attendance
  • Courses Reports and Certification Print
  • Automatic Shift Follow – Up and Reminders
  • Automatic Vacation Guidance
  • Automatic Overtime Calculations
  • Automatic Reminder of Overdue Training and Documents


  • Personal Information
  • Emergency Contacts
  • Relatives Contacts Management
  • Service Providers Contacts Management
  • Service Location Management
  • Personal Center Planning Tools
  • Behaviour Management Plans and Reports
  • Individual Daily Activity Schedule
  • Day Program Activity Schedule
  • Health and Medical Status Summary
  • Clinics Visit History
  • Communication Management
  • Diagnosis Records
  • Diet and Nutrition
  • Health Indicators
  • Medication Records Chart
  • Physical Capabilities and Limitations
  • Vision & Dental Record
  • Personal Medical Supplies
  • Seizure Tracking
  • Allergy Management and Alters
  • Incident Reports
  • Safety Plan Document Management
  • Individual Belonging Management
  • Personal Finance Management
  • Behaviour Plan Document Management
  • Community Access Document Management
  • Home Alone Plans Document Management
  • Staffing Requirements Document Management
  • Documents/ Files Scanning and Management
  • Funding Management
  • Employment and Volunteer Management
  • Daily Casual Body Check Records
  • Individual Summary Information
  • Seizure Summary Reports
  • Incident Summary Reports
  • Automatic Survey
  • Automatic Follow – Up
  • Individual Assessment Management


  • Bank Transactions Imports and Management
  • Shifts Daily Expenses Merge and Management
  • Balance Reports per Lactation and Agency
  • Direct Receipt Scanning and Submission


  • Funding / Proposal Management
  • Funders Management
  • Funding Documents Management
  • Location Funding Dashboard / Reports
  • Individual Funding Dashboard / Reports
  • Agency / Location / Individual Expenses Balance Reports


  • Vehicle General Information
  • Preventive Maintenance Schedule
  • Purchase / Lease Details
  • Vehicle Repair Service Management
  • Vendor Invoices Scanning and Management
  • Service Due Reminders to the Fleet Managers
  • Vehicle Pre / Post Reports and Management
  • Fleet Dashboards / Reports
  • Service Due Automatic Vendor Appointment Scheduling


  • Employee Shift Tasks Reminders
  • Employee Contact Information Updates
  • Real Time Shift Attendance with GPS Tracking
  • Shift Attendance After Time Reporting
  • Employee Shift Schedule
  • Employee Sick Time Requests
  • Employee Vacation Requests
  • Shift Shop
  • Employee Shift Sale
  • Employee Shift Trade
  • Location / Department Selection
  • Individual List per Department
  • Individual Summary Information
  • Individual PCP Goals Reporting
  • Clinic Visits Reporting
  • Medication Tracking
  • Health Indicators Reporting
  • Individual Incident Reporting
  • Sleep Log Reporting
  • Daily Purchase Records with Receipts Scanning

Shifts & Attendance

  • Location Shift Schedule Template
  • Location Pay Period Shift Schedule
  • Location Stipend Shift Management
  • Employee Shift Assignment by SMS
  • Employee Daily Shift Attendance
  • Office Staff Attendance
  • Shift Attendance Approval
  • Employee Shift Sale
  • Employee Shift Trade
  • Employee Banked Hours Management
  • Shifts Dispatcher
  • Employee Schedule
  • Employee Expenses Reports
  • Employee Vacation Management
  • Employee Sick Hours Management
  • Coordinators / Managers Work Hours Splitting Based on Assigned Departments
  • Employee Future Shift Pickups and Automatic Approval by Union Contract
  • Time Sheet Attendance Adjustments Based on Pay Codes and Time Sheet Approval
  • Payroll Provider Communication and Credentials Management
  • Payroll Export or Direct Submission to the Payroll Providers
  • Pay Codes Management and Link to the Payroll Provider Pay Codes
  • Automatic Shift Schedule Creation and Management by using iSTEDY – AI
  • Employee Automatic Shift Assignment by SMS Using iSTEDY – AI Functionality which Adheres to Union Contract Requirements
  • Employee Sick Request and Automatic Replacement Using iSTEDY – AI and Automatic Notification to the Manager
  • Automatic Employee Shifts Lateness Control System


  • Property General Information
  • Property Managers Management
  • Property Maintenance Schedule
  • Property Maintenance Vendors
  • Location Staff Daily Task Schedule
  • Location Positions Requirements
  • Supported Individuals Report
  • Location Funding Management per DIEM
  • Documents Scanning Management
  • Property Expense Management
  • Automatic Maintenance Vendor Notification


  • Agency Inventory
  • Office / Location Inventory
  • Employee Inventory
  • Individual Inventory
  • Fleet Inventory
  • Inventory
  • Inventory Reports / Dashboard
  • Automated Purchasing Functionality

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