Our company builds end-to-end custom software systems with a focus on the management of operations and leveraging of business intelligence to help organizations make more data-driven decisions. We provide business solutions for sectors including education and employment, childcare, health care, residential nursing, medical transportation, and other non-profit organizations supporting persons with intellectual disabilities in Canada. We streamline internal processes from participant enrolment and assessment details to follow ups, from staff scheduling and operations management to payroll, on through to tracking and reporting the key performance indicators to improve overall quality of work and prevent delays in operations.

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iSTEDY has been supporting over 250 service providers and more than one million users in Canada. We have successfully helped our clients achieve business goals through comprehensive and industry-leading software, combined with innovative strategy, world-class data integrity and security, and decades of expertise complete with government regulation compliance.

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iSTEDY always strive for excellence because we love what we do. We take pride and pleasure in producing strategic, functional, and user-friendly interfaces backed by clean, fast, and future ready algorithm and data programming. We are always looking to improve service through continuous research and development, internal education, and constant engagement with industry best practices and finest standards.


We build relationships based on openness and trust, and we embed those values into our work. Within our flexible, low-risk software development process, we make it a point to maintain full project transparency with our clients. We work with our clients to effectively address the business needs that are most important to them and the people they support. We highly safeguard our clients’ data by providing robust, secure, and easy-to-use solutions that are structured to protect privacy and prevent human error. We earn our clients’ trust by taking full responsibility for what we deliver until the job is done and beyond.


In the modern business landscape, technology, reporting requirements, and modes of service delivery can change rapidly. Faithful to our agile mindset, we are always ready to accommodate scope change, to carry out new functions as needed or to master a new technology when a client’s vision calls for it. We regularly adjust to existing conditions to secure improvements in all aspects of our custom-built products and to help our clients adapt to new challenges and opportunities in the changing world.


An effective, committed team is central to the success of any project. We at iSTEDY highlight teamwork and collaboration in working with our clients by developing and sharing expertise to achieve goals and build mutual success. We never let our clients feel like they are managing a disengaged contractor because their objectives become our purpose. We guarantee to make each project properly focused on the specific real-world solutions that matter to our clients and their business. Our team members actively work hard and seek to cooperate seamlessly with customers to fit technology to each specific business situation.


Our company builds custom designed software tools for specific industries, which means that we can offer intuitive products that have been tailored to your exact needs. Each one of our products is designed with every step of your industry’s operations in mind so that you can concentrate on what really matters. We have honed our astute and user-friendly designs through our vast experience in software engineering and have always ensured that our clients’ needs are thoroughly met. In addition to our complete software services, we also provide secure unlimited data hosting at our own data center located in Toronto, Canada.


Individuals Support Provider Management Software with AI Shifts Management


Case & Learning Management Software

iSTEDY Nursing Home
istedy-nursing home

Nursing Home Management Software

iSTEDY Smart Shift
istedy-smart shift

Shift Scheduling & Attendance Management Software with AI Staff Management

iSTEDY Property
istedy-smart property

Property Management Software with Automatic Maintenance Management

iSTEDY Medical Transportation
istedy-medical transportation

Medical Transportation (ERP) Management System with AI automated Dispatcher


Language Assessment Management and Referral Center Software

iSTEDY Home Healthcare
istedy-home & healthcare

Health Care Resource Scheduling and Invoicing Management Software

iSTEDY Skills Assessment
istedy-skills assessment

Essential Skills Assessment and Learning Software

iSTEDY Voting

Advanced Voting Management Software


Customer Relationship Management Software

iSTEDY Documents

Document Scan and Management Software


Human Resources Management Software

iSTEDY Accounting

Account Receivable and Payable Management Software with Receipts Scanning Module

iSTEDY Warehouse

Warehouse Management Software with Automatic Items Management and Purchasing Functionality

iSTEDY Survey

Advanced Survey Management Software

iSTEDY Fleet

Fleet Management Software with Vehicle Pre/Post check Functionality and Automatic Maintenance Follower

iSTEDY Call Center
Istedy-call center

Call Center Management Software

Custom Projects

GangLife is No Life

SMS-Text Communication Dispatcher

what you get

iSTEDY has always been consistent in proposing the best combination of technology solutions to solve your business challenges. We will implement and support these solutions in a manner that works for you. We will minimize training costs and prevent human error with our well-crafted user interfaces. You will obtain a secure, robust and deeply capable IT infrastructure that will make your business more responsive to your clients and always ready to deal with uncertainty and change of circumstances. We are committed to building not just a software but strong partnerships with our clients throughout the country.

few words from users

Many organizations pay lip service to great customer service but few actually deliver above and beyond expectations. is one such company.’s willingness to go that extra mile for their customers is evident from their round-the-clock support, dedication and impressive mastering of our business. In very short order specialist had performed an in depth analysis of our needs and requirements, expertly paired it with our wants and desires and built a cost saving state of the art software program which handles all our needs now and for expected growth in the future. Whether it involved customization for our software needs or ongoing support we call upon them many, many times, at all hours of the day and night, and always receive swift and exemplary support to resolve our issues. Most importantly iSTEDY is extremely proactive in identifying inefficiencies and recommending and implementing changes that improve our systems, performance, resiliency and efficiency. Work is always completed to a high standard, on time, and to budget. Based on our extensive experience with this organization, we can confidently state that is a company founded on unwavering integrity and credibility.

We have no hesitation in warmly recommending iSTEDY to any business; large or small as we look forward to a long association with

Ms. Lolo Eckert, BSc., CVT, CVPM, CVPA, MBA
Chief Executive Officer
Stretcher Service of Manitoba

iSTEDY provided EESE with an effective and encompassing tool for managing all the mechanics of student registration, study progress and attendance history. It has greatly helped to coordinate the services of our school with immigration and English language support agencies throughout the province of Manitoba, right to the specific needs of individual students. The application is successfully shared by a diverse community of immigration service providers, each of which play a unique role in welcoming newcomers to Canada and providing cultural and language skills to help newcomers to thrive.

In one place, we have records of class space, student histories, payroll and budget, an automated interface to report key results to our funder: all the day-to-day information we need to make decisions about individual students as well as the broad-view data that clarifies the role of our school in the network of immigration services and which allows us to fashion our school to provide the best possible contribution as we move forward.

Thanks to iSTEDY, we have improved efficiencies and ensure we have comprehensive outcomes to support our services.

Louise Giesbrecht
Executive Director
English at Work Program (EAW)
Enhanced English Skills for Employment (EESE)


iSTEDY maintains an effective mix of software development experts, security professionals, and knowledgeable business leaders in order to provide innovative strategies and solutions that meet the needs of our client base. Our team relies on careful project supervision, monitoring and evaluation, information technology, risk assessment, team handling, and stakeholder management in order to ensure our clients’ success.

Tal Vargulich
Tal Vargulich
President and CEO
Ilana Vargulich
Ilana Vargulich
VP, Executive Director Marketing
Dennis Liutrovnik
Dennis Liutrovnik
Sr. Software Engineer & Product Line Manager
Anthony Legaspi
Anthony Legaspi
Sr. Software Engineer & Product Line Manager
Dmitry Grabarev
Dmitry Grabarev
Sr. Software Dev. Architect


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