Our Case and Learning Management Software provides a very reliable data processing system that helps companies simplify and manage the operational processes of their organization such as the intake of referred clients from LARC, various SPOs, and self or direct referrals, the creation of clients’ profile containing all demographic and immigration information as well as case details and history, the ability to attach and manage client’s documents, and the assessment of clients’ needs and goals to determine what services to be provided like LINC Courses, childcare support, settlement services, employment-related services, and in-home support among others.

We have successfully helped more than 250 service providers across Canada that are using the iSTEDY software. Our advanced and flexible system increases their company’s productivity and efficiency, helps them make an accurate analysis, and greatly reduces the workload on their human workforce. It also lessens their company’s manual labour cost, prevents errors in their data processing, and most importantly enhances the overall user experience of the people they support.

LINC Courses

Our system helps organizations to register referred clients to LINC courses, place them in course waiting lists, and provide them access to their own web portal where they can see course details, view course online content shared by the teacher, complete online quizzes, and join in individual or group virtual classes. Our software also allows the teacher to track a client’s progress, manage daily attendance and artifacts, generate pre-designed and custom reports, print Learner Conference Summary or Learner Progress Reports with LINC course certificates, use the automated follow up system with survey questionnaires, and so much more. Most importantly, all collected data in our system is compatible with iCare bulk upload or iCare exports.

Settlement Services

iSTEDY provides a settlement service software solution that aims to help settlement workers in providing services to newcomers in Canada. Our Information and Orientation functionality helps settlement workers in tracking their clients’ progress and in giving clients or their families support and information about topics such as health, education, housing, law and justice, transportation, citizenship, employment, language assessments, income and finances, community engagement, important documents, and many others that would help in their life transition to Canada. Our system also enables service workers to pinpoint where and how their services to their clients can be made more efficient. In addition, it allows the client to join private virtual meetings and see all appointments scheduled by settlement workers in their own web portal. Furthermore, the iSTEDY Information and Orientation functionality is fully compatible with iCare bulk upload export.

Employment Related Services

We also have the employment related services functionality that helps provide clients with information about Canada’s job market and guide them to any employment related services such as temporary work placement, mentoring, preparation for licensure, individual employment counseling, networking opportunities, pathways to success webinars, resume matching, informational interviews, etc. Service details as well as all scheduled appointments and other information about employment related services may be accessed by the client in his own secured and mobile-friendly web portal. In addition, any collected information about the client and any services provided are all compatible with the iCare bulk upload or iCare exports.



The participant profile module centralizes all participants’ demographic and immigration information as well as services and case details. Case management functionality covers the entire case management process from participants’ assessment, determining the needs and goals, assigning different services needed, tracking the progress, reporting the outcomes, and doing follow-ups.

    • New Participant Intake
    • Participant Profile
    • Demographic Information
    • Contact Information
    • Family Members Information
    • Education Information
    • Employment Information
    • Immigration Information
    • Case/Services Management
    • Case Summary Dashboard
    • Case Details/Goals
    • Participant Needs Assessments
    • Case Management & Notes
    • Courses & Attendance
    • LINC Progress Report
    • LINC Conference Summary
    • LINC Certificate
    • Information and Orientation
    • Settlement Services
    • Report Cards
    • Community Connections
    • Volunteers Management
    • Follow-Up
    • Document Attachments
    • LINC Progress Reports send by bulk emails
    • LINC Conference Summary send by bulk emails
    • Print mail envelope with participant address
    • Employment Related Services
    • and much more…


Each staff member will be able to see all activities assigned to them in one location on the Staff Activity Calendar. The activities such as LINC Classes, Information & Orientations or Employment Related services one-on-one or group meetings or other activities. By clicking on the activity the staff will be able to access the activity details, for example: when staff clicks on the LINC Course activity the LINC class details with a list of learners will show up, where the staff will be able to report the learner daily attendance, artifacts, add each learner daily notes and much more. If staff clicks the Information & Orientations activity the I&O details form will show up where staff will be able to report the details of the service that was provided to the Participant or Participant Family and the Topics that were covered in the session.

    • Staff Course Schedule
    • Participant Class Daily Attendance
    • Automated Participant Absence reason follow ups
    • Information & Orientation Schedule
    • Employment Related Services Schedule
    • Case Management Schedule
    • Course Online Content Management
    • And more…


The Questionnaire module works like a Survey. The staff is be able to create the questionnaire with multiple questions and unique answers to each question, then choose the list of receivers from the participant list by different criteria, such as classes or services attended, language speaking, countries, etc.. then send with one click of the button to thousands of participants by email or text (SMS). Each participant will open the questionnaire on their computer, tablet or phone, answer the questions, and all answers will be attached to their profiles.

    • Questionnaire library set up and management
    • Questionnaire History
    • Questionnaire Reports
    • Questionnaire Send to Participants by Email or Text (SMS)
    • Questionnaire Answer Type: (Single choice, Multiple choices, Free text)


iSTEDY-LARC module is a unique module that is responsible for securely transferring and managing the referrals between two systems the iSTEDY-LARC (Language Assessment and Referral Center) and iSTEDY-LMS Learning and Case Management Systems. The Organizations Participant Referral form is divided into four different lists of referrals:
1) The New Referrals, where staff will be able to see all new referred participants.
2) The Contacted, referrals that were contacted by staff but not placed into the course waiting lists yet.
3) The Waitlisted, the participants that are added to the Course Waiting lists.
4) The Accepted or Rejected, after the referral is accepted to the course then will automatically turn to the Accepted status. Also if Organization can’t accept the Referral to any Courses, they report the status Rejected with the reason.

    • New Referrals Management
    • Contact Made Management
    • Accepted Participant Management
    • Assign to the Course Waiting List
    • Share Participant Contact made status to other SPOs
    • Request participant to provide documents with a secure way by using iSTEDY-LMS WEB Portal


Course Waiting List module is designed to help staff manage all learners assigned to courses, sort the learners placed on the course waiting list based on special initiatives, accept the learners to the course or transfer them to different courses, accept the child to a child care program, and so much more.

    • Course List with a registration summary
    • Course Waiting List
    • Accept Participant to the Course
    • Accept Participant Child to the Childcare
    • Transfer Participant from Course to Course


The childcare calendar shows all childcare programs available for the selected days. By opening the childcare program the list of children that are scheduled to attend the childcare will show up. The staff will be able to report the child’s daily attendance, add daily notes or if the child is not registered to the childcare for that day, to register by using drop-in functionality.

    • Childcare Waiting List management
    • Childcare Calendar
    • Childcare Attendance
    • Child Drop Ins management


Mass Email functionality aims to help service providers in sending emails to thousands of their existing clients and prevent those emails from going to blacklist or spam databases. The staff can easily create the email content, attach documents if needed, select the list of recipients based on different criteria such as classes or services attended, language speaking level, countries, etc., and send it with one click of the button to thousands of participants.

    • History of all mass emails
    • Email document attachments
    • The ability to send up to 20,000 emails with one click


The Mass Text (SMS) tool works similarly with the Mass Email module where the staff can write the content of the message, choose the list of receivers based on different criteria such as classes or services attended, language speaking level, countries, etc, and send it with one click of the button to thousands of participants.

    • History of all mass SMS sent
    • The ability to send up to 10,000 SMS with one click


iSTEDY-BI aims to provide interactive visualizations and business intelligence capabilities with an interface simple enough for end-users to create their reports and dashboards.

    • Reports and Dashboard Viewer
    • Reports and Dashboard Designer


The iSTEDY-LMS has multiple pre-designed reports/dashboard with options to drill down and see the details behind the numbers. Each report has an option to print or export to excel.

    • Course Summary Report
    • Absent Reason Report
    • Report Card Report
    • Referred Students Education and Employments History Report
    • LINC Reports
    • Settlement Worker Report
    • Current LINC Snapshot Report
    • And more.


The Employer and Job Posting module is designed to manage the Employer information and Employer Job Postings. The other part of this module is designed to manage the participant’s employment interests and ability to assign to the available Job Postings entered by the Employer. We call this functionality Job Matching.

    • Employer Information Management
    • Employer Job Posting Management
    • NAIC Codes Management
    • NOC Codes Management


This functionality allows the staff to create events and assign the volunteering needs or job requirements for the event. The staff or participants also have the ability to add their volunteer interests so when an event is scheduled and volunteering needs are determined, the system will match and recommend possible volunteers from staff or active participants. This module also offers optional additional functionality to find and assign volunteers to an event using the advanced text (SMS) auto-assignment tool.

    • Events Scheduler
    • Events Setup and Required Services Management
    • Volunteer Management
    • Event Services Management
    • Fundraising Members Management
    • Members Contributions Management


The Document Management module enables the staff to attach document files from the computer, scan documents using a camera connected to the computer, or choose a scanner that is connected to the computer or located in the office.

    • Scanned or Attached Documents Management
    • All document accessible based on user permission
    • Direct connection to the office or personal scanners
    • Scan from the web cameras


The Participant Mobile-Friendly Web Portal functionality enables students to log in to their own web portal using their computer, tablets or mobile phones, and see the list of courses they are registered for along with course contents such as videos, slide presentations, written instructions, attached documents, etc. The participants can also check course schedules that they need to attend, participate in virtual sessions, answer quizzes, download files shared by their teacher, put a reason for absence, and so much more.

    • Participant Personal Online Account
    • Participant Courses List
    • Course Schedule
    • Course Content
    • Requested document upload
    • Online Classes Shared Links
    • Class Shared Documents


    • Client Profile Report
    • Client Enrollment Report
    • Client Attendance Report
    • Client Exit Report
    • Course Setup Report
    • Course Close Report
    • Information & Orientation Report
    • Employment Related Services Report
    • and more


iSTEDY starts to work on Education and Employment Sector about 14 years ago. The first Learning & Case Management software version was developed for Opportunity for Employment Organization in Winnipeg, then second version of the iSTEDY System was customized for the Work Education Manitoba where this software was deployed to multiple learning centers in Manitoba including Winnipeg, Thomson, The Pas, Flin Flon, Brandon, and more. After that, we successfully implemented our new version of the iSTEDY System to multiple organizations like the Essential Skills Manitoba and Douglass College in British Columbia. During that time, our team closely worked with different organizations to analyze the organizations’ and funders’ requirements and helped them build solutions for their day to day work and at the same time meet their funders’ requirements. Also, iSTEDY System was implemented and used by Entry Program organization from which they manage newcomers and refer to WELARC (Winnipeg English Language Assessment and Referral Centre).

WELARC offers English language assessments and referrals to Language Instruction for Newcomers to Canada (LINC) classes for permanent residents who live in Winnipeg area. LINC classes help newcomers to develop strong English language skills, a crucial initial step in their successful settlement process in our city and surrounding areas. As such, transparency and continuity in information sharing between WELARC and LINC schools are paramount in ensuring clients’ seamless transition from WELARC’s testing room into appropriate LINC classes. To meet all WELARC and LINC SPOs requirements, we upgraded iSTEDY System functionality to allow users to easily enter the newcomers assessment results and refer newcomers to LINC Schools. We also added ZONE referral functionality to the iSTEDY System. At present, most of LINC Schools and ZONE Settlement Services organizations are using the iSTEDY System, which enables them to handle referrals from WELARC, manage LINC Classes, Settlement Services, and many other tools in the system including the export to iCare functionality.

Currently, iSTEDY System is successfully implemented in Manitoba, Alberta, British Colubia and Nova Scotia provinces and we are expanding to more provinces across Canada. We are fully committed to work closely with all organizations in order to constantly learn from them about the needs and challenges they face in their day to day work. Through this continuous collaboration and teamwork, we are able to provide them with a highly customized and reliable iSTEDY system that meets their business requirements.


iSTEDY provided EESE with an effective and encompassing tool for managing all the mechanics of student registration, study progress and attendance history. It has greatly helped to coordinate the services of our school with immigration and English language support agencies throughout the province of Manitoba, right to the specific needs of individual students. The application is successfully shared by a diverse community of immigration service providers, each of which play a unique role in welcoming newcomers to Canada and providing cultural and language skills to help newcomers to thrive.

In one place, we have records of class space, student histories, payroll and budget, an automated interface to report key results to our funder: all the day-to-day information we need to make decisions about individual students as well as the broad-view data that clarifies the role of our school in the network of immigration services and which allows us to fashion our school to provide the best possible contribution as we move forward.

Thanks to iSTEDY, we have improved efficiencies and ensure we have comprehensive outcomes to support our services.

Louise Giesbrecht
Executive Director
English at Work Program (EAW)
Enhanced English Skills for Employment (EESE)

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